Our Story

Tap Truck Cincinnati

Joel Brown is the proud owner/operator of Tap Truck Cincinnati. The journey began roughly two years ago while at a friend’s wedding. The reception featured a very nicely appointed beer "trailer" with an exceptionally friendly couple serving up the beverages. The “trailer” was a huge hit and everyone had a ton of questions for them. Having a degree in Business, and always wanting to be my own boss, the spark was ignited. Fast forward six months and the waxing and waning entrepreneurial spirit rears its head again. 

Enter Tap Truck. I’m immediately blown away and realize this is a much cooler version of the beer trailer. What is Tap Truck? Really cool vintage vehicles and local craft beer, and who doesn’t like that combination? It was one of those moments you think, “why the hell didn’t I think of this”? I knew immediately this would be a part of the next chapter. Deterred momentarily by the current economic conditions, the ride began mid-2020. Just like that, Tap Truck Cincinnati is born. There is hands-down no better place to be in the beer business, Cincinnati knows beer!

Cincinnati has a rich and storied brewing history dating back over 200 years. The first beers were from English and Irish Settlers that included Porters and Ales. Alongside these beers, German Settlers introduced various styles of Lagers. By 1860 Cincinnati had over 30 breweries, and in 1890 it was named "beer capital of the world". Prohibition brought an end to all that unfortunately, but thankfully only temporarily. 

Like the old saying goes, "Tough times don't last, tough people do", and the Queen City is full of resilient people! Today there are over 50 Breweries in Greater Cincinnati and growing by the day. From the bigger name Breweries everyone has heard of, Sam Adams, Rhinegeist, and Madtree, to the lesser known, but equally delicious Dead low Brewing, Bad Tom Smith, and Fretboard Brewing. You might be thinking “I don’t have the time to visit 50 breweries”! You are probably right, but we do, and we can bring them to you! Whether a Birthday Party, Wedding, Corporate Event, Fundraiser, or any other cause for celebration, Tap Truck Cincinnati can make your good times great. 

We cover the entire Southwest Ohio region. We serve beer, wine, ciders, hard seltzers, cocktails, almost any beverage you can dream up. Not to leave the non-drinkers and the kids out, we also serve mocktails, lemonade, craft sodas, hot chocolate/cider, teas, nitro cold brew coffee, and Kombucha to name a few. Proud Military/First Responder owned and operated.